Bear Tavern Brawl

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The Bear Tavern
  •   32 선수 Single Elimination
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July 27th
6:00pm UTC+1
All fighters should show up at 5:30pm UTC+1 (9:30am PST) 

This is a 1v1 with no restrictions, with the exception of outside help.

Max allowed will be 32 fighters!

As of now there will be 2 match going at once overseen by Mul Girtab and Balec deCani

These matches will be broadcasted live on and By DJ Amber_Raine

Channel 1 MulGirtab 

There will be an Add-on Store prize for the top 3 players

1st Place - $30
2nd Place - $20
3rd Place - $10

The location will be announced once we receive more information on the locations where PvP is allowed!

RULES (Subject to change)
You may use any weapon, skill or spell that is allowed in the game.
No outside help is allowed. (We will work on preventing this with force.)
The Guards that are placed around the ring will be the boundary for the battles.
No player may enter the arena without permission.
Follow all instructions given by the Battle Master (The one in charge of the current battle)

We are very much enjoying all the smack talk seeing who you were going to fight in round one. We were going to randomize it the day of the fight, however we decided to let you all choose to fight a specific person (round one only of course). If you would like to I need both participants to post saying they are ok with the fight. So discuss it amongst yourselves and let us know. This will not have any effect on the winners so it should be fine. BUT this is only allowed in R8!!!!!!

Current Waiting List:


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최정상 챔피언: Espada
주목 받을 강자: DavenRock
미래의 강자: Violation

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